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Purina Livestock Feed Sale, October 2-7 2023

Horse and Livestock Food and Supplies

Sergeantsville Grain & Feed is Hunterdon County's friendly resource for all your horse and livestock needs. We carry a wide selection of premium feed as well as all the supplies you'll need to keep your large animals healthy and happy. We're happy to provide expert answers to any questions you may have to ensure you're livestock is well cared for and your money well spent. Our team is proud of our designation as a Purina Certified Expert Dealer. Call us or stop by today!

We're conveniently located on County Road 523 between Stockton and Flemington NJ.

Equine Nutritional Requirements Calculator

Are you considering switching horse feed or concerned about the appropriate rations to optimize your horse's nutritional intake? Developed by Kentucky Equine Research and Legends, the MicroSteed Ration Wizard can help! Just provide some basic information and it will assist you in determining what feed is most appropriate, as well as how much you should be feeding.

Horse and Livestock Feed Brands We Carry

Hunterdon County's Only Full Line Purina Expert Dealer!

Equine and Livestock Supplies

We stock a wide variety of supplies for horse and livestock that will keep your animals healthy, comfortable, contained, and well groomed. From straw and wood shaving bedding to supplements and grooming supplies, we have everything you'll need for horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, alpaca, llama and other animals. Ask us about electrified fencing for horses and livestock.

Some of the common items we keep steadily stocked include: bedding, straw, wood shavings, hay, alfalfa, buckets, feeders, stock tanks, gates, coral panels, stall mats, grooming supplies and more.
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